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MAR-052 | Camouflage Freestyle Uniform

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This camo Karate V-Neck Giis great for beginners as well as intermediate students. For aesthetics, the camouflage pattern has been added to the jacket and trousers, making this a very stylish outfit. With an elasticated drawstring waist, the trousers provide extra comfort as well as freedom of movement when in training or competitions. Due to this being an acceptable attire for several disciplines of Martial Arts, this suit is very good for people who partake in different Martial Arts; making this a great value product, for an affordable price.

  • Unique stylish camouflage design
  • Excellent for beginners and intermediate level students
  • Made from polyester/cotton fabric
  • Trouser has an elasticated drawstring waist
  • Can be used for a range of disciplines
  • Provides ultimate comfort and unrestricted movements


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