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MAR-050B | Kung-Fu Training & Sparring Shoes

MAR-050B | Kung-Fu Training & Sparring Shoes

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These Kung-Fu shoes are comfortable and light, allowing excellent movement in battle. Alongside this, these shoes have excellent durability, making them ideal for training, and leisurewear. Due to the man-made white cotton soles with multiple rows of stitching, this product is very comfortable and secure. As well as this, the upper material is made from a durable cotton canvas, adding to the shoes’ comfortability. With its full line padding, accompanied by the material of the shoe, this shoe provides comfort while training indoors, allowing you to train, even when inside the comfort of your own home or indoor facilities.

  • Fully lined padding
  • Superior comfort
  • Easy to wear
  • Made especially for indoor training
  • Anti-slip sole made from rubber


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