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MAR-375 | Heavy Training Punching Bag - quality-martial-arts

MAR-375 | Heavy Training Punching Bag

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These MAR punching bags are designed for all types of martial arts in which striking is a factor. This can also be used to increase fitness and arm strength.  Super tough and rugged. Made from durable micro-leather material, the heavy bag is relatively soft but also heavy. Straps with D ring are included for hanging. Colour available: red and black. Enjoy your workout with this great punching bag.

5 feet, 42 diameters (Approximately 45-50 kg)  

  • Suitable for all types of Martial Arts
  • Punch bags designed to be strong and durable
  • Super tough and rugged
  • D’ring and strap are included
  • Available in different sizes


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