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MAR-269L | White Hardwood Oak Jo - 4ft - quality-martial-arts

MAR-269L | White Hardwood Oak Jo - 4ft

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Martial arts weapons are used for a range of activities whether its self-defence, discipline or art Quality Martial Arts offer a wide range of wood weapons for all Martial Arts.

This Escrima stick is burned with a tiger pattern. Unique straight style stick that is hand carved from rattan wood. Excellent for practising blocks and counter attacks with ease, whilst also being suitable for, locks/disarms, Doce Pares and general co-ordination exercises.

  • Details: Length 28 Inches (Approx)
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Used for more advanced Martial Artist
  1. These weapons are sold for training use only under strict supervision. Weapon user assumes the risk of injury.


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